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The Installation Types of a Central Vacuum System UK

Before we step into installing a central vacuum cleaner in the UK, you must know what they are. A central vacuum system is a cleaning mechanism installed in a building to remove dirt, dust, and debris. The Vacuum pressure created by a centrally located motor makes it easy to use, access, and maintain. Depending on the design of the system and the material, they can be filtered or unfiltered with a collection canister.

Centrally located cleaning systems are the highly convenient and an economical method for cleaning large buildings with multiple floors. All of the dirt and dust collected goes to the canister for trash collection. That said, the following are some methods of central vacuum systems UK installation.

Standard Installation Method:

IT is a typical installation process with two to four inlet valves spaced out around the home using a 30-foot plug-in hose.


  • quick installation

  • small inlet footprint on the wall

  • several universal hoses

  • an option to include an electric carpet brush


  • Undecided hose storage and management

  • Usage involves carrying hose to multiple inlet locations

Hide A Hose Central Vacuum Installation:

For most houses with a hide a hose central vacuum, two inlets run inside using an integrated retractable hose. Typically, these hose inlets are 50-feet long. There are other hoses around 30, 40, 50, and 60-feet in length. The hose is pulled out from the wall inlet where it is installed.


  • Fewer inlets to install

  • Instantly retract the hose when you’re done with the vacuuming

  • No need for additional hose storage


  • You cannot use an electric vacuum brush for carpet

  • More different installation than the standard process

Standard and Hide-A-Hose Installation:

Called a hybrid installation process, it occurs in a typical two-story home and includes three inlets. The 50-foot retractable hose covers the first story while the standard style inlets are for the second story.

Other Installations:

The following are some other items that would require installation:

  • Automatic Dustpan: It sweeps dust through an activated footswitch. You might want to install a kick plate in a cabinet or a wall.

  • Stretch Hose: Kept near a high-traffic area, it provides a quick and convenient cleaning experience. You’ll need a hose and other accessories and attach them to the handle end.

  • Wally Flex: It is an auxiliary hose mounted on a wall and stretched up to 14 feet. It is suitable for the pantry, laundry, garage, and bathroom.

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