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Ongoing investment in research and development means SACH can offer products of its own manufacture, making available to you the most technically advanced central vacuum equipment in the market supported by a comprehensive range of accessories and materials to provide a complete solution for central vacuum installations.


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The model represents the perfect balance between simplicity and high technical performance. 
The Eco 160 with a tangential Bypass high-speed motor, LED control panel, built-in Muffler makes it, its own one kind in the market
ECO 160 having one additional filter protection owing to the implications for the cyclone of its diminutive size.


SKU: UD5010-SC
  • For homes up to 250m² in size we have the ECO160 model, which, whilst not having the technical specification of the VAC range, will more than live up to your expectations in terms of vacuuming cleaning flexibility and effectiveness.